Nicole Lanning

Professional Healer, Psychic & Author

Practical Crystal Healing 555 Tips & Techniques For Teenagers

Practical Crystal Healing, 555 Tips & Techniques For Teenagers is a fun and easy step by step guidebook for all teenagers out there to help them heal all areas of their life through the power of crystal healing. Teenage years are hard enough to deal with, so why make things more complicated. Easy and simple methods are given for every tip and technique working with crystal healing to help heal physical issues, emotional strife, mental confusion, spiritual growth, and much more. It is all about owning your life and understanding that we are all different and unique. Tips from abandonment issues through yin/yang energy balancing and literally everything in-between, including acne problems, puberty issues, heartbreak, finding yourself, parental issues and much more. Crystals are around us every day and we can often overlook their healing abilities, but now the opportunity is right in front of you to take control and have the life you have always wanted. What will you do with it? 



DRIVING (NIGHTTIME SAFETY) - Place Sandstone under the driver's seat when driving at night for night time safety.

DROPPING OUT OF SCHOOL - To avoid dropping out of school, work with Lavender Quartz and Selenite. Make a gem elixir, charging for 2 hours, and gently mist all areas of the bedroom, clothing, school materials and so on to change this vibrational rate into a positive one.

DRUG USAGE – Work with a Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Herkimer Diamond, and a Fluorite to help with drug use to eliminate this in your life. Place the four programmed crystals in the four corners of your bedroom. Place an additional Clear Quartz underneath your bed to help ease this healing process for a stronger session. Cleanse every 7 days.