Nicole Lanning

Professional Healer, Psychic & Author

Practical Crystal Healing 555 Tips & Techniques

Practical Crystal Healing, 555 Tips &Techniques encompasses the author’s real life healing practices.  Nicole Lanning, has personally cured common ailments and conditions using her own crystal healing practice and studies. Even more difficult issues can be tackled and cured with crystal healing, such as Nicole's own issue with Fibromyalgia, her son's smashed thumb, and her husband's tumor in his neck.



MISFORTUNE- To correct misfortune in your life, pull out your Black Tourmaline and slowly work all over your aura fields, drawing out all negative and stagnant energies.

MONEY- For attracting more money into your life, carry a piece of Pyrite with your wallet, purse, or checkbook and money will start coming your way.

MOOD SWINGS- For typical mood swings, use Jet to bring balance back and stabilize your mood and emotions. Sit down with your feet flat on the floor and cup this in both of your hands. Concentrate on all of the feelings and emotions that have been swinging and changing in your life at this time. Feel each and every one of them as if they were changing right then and there. Quickly open your hands and drop the Jet to the floor. Take a deep breath in and out. Stand up and cleanse the Jet thoroughly!