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An Energetic Signature - Do I Have One?

Posted by Nicole Lanning on May 30, 2013 at 8:40 AM

Do I have an energetic signature? Let me explain a bit for you. I’ve often bandied around the term “energetic signature” in the past. But it is not a term I use lightly; because it’s very much an important concept, and an interesting one at that too. What is it really? What does it do for your energetic makeup? Do you have one?


To help you, I will let you run with your imagination. Pick up a clear glass of wine off the table, and place it back down after taking a sip. You’d have left your fingerprints on the glass, correct? Your fingerprints which identify you physically re  very much your own, unlike any other’s. This is the same case as with your energetic signature, which separates you from the other billions of people in this world on an energetic level.


We all are born with an energetic signature. While families have a base signature, every person’s vary from this base. Your own signature is firmly pressed into the fabric of your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.


Energetic signatures determine how our energy is flowing. They help us locate other people to scan, hold, imprint, among others, the important things most are concerned about. Your signature holds much of your energetic makeup together so strive to keep it high and vibrant! Don’t let it get buried from you to obscurity.


Once you get more adept at locating and working on your energetic signature you can move onto healing this in your own energy fields. It is a process that does take time to learn and use, but the benefits of this type of healing are tremendous! Work on your own self healing methods to raise your vibrational frequency for this area or healing or contact us at Healing Art Forms for working on your energy signature healing today!



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