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Reiki and Movement

Posted by Nicole Lanning on July 26, 2013 at 1:10 PM

Reiki and movement is something that I like to incorporate into our seminars, as these are two wonderful things to practice with your energy fields. Let me explain why. We are energetic beings. Our energy fields are always moving and are in constant vibrational movement as it is, even in our "down time" they are still going, and going, and going. Many people get at rest and don't even realize that they can harness this power of movement and healing through their Reiki energy pull. The energy flow can move mre freely throughout your entire body and energy fields when this is incorporates with smooth physical movements.


I am not talking about hard physical activity, but rather something that is enjoyable to you. Many people combine Reiki with dancing, yoga, martial arts, swimming, walking routines, pilates, and so much more. They are all complementary areas to increase your healing and energy flow patterns. With this you can do what resoantes best for your own energy. I love to dance myself, but this is not what works best for my healing and energy fields. You have to experiment and see what works for you. You may love your yoga classes but maybe it just doesn't feel right to use your Reiki then, but you feel wonderful and at ease and a positive energy flow when you are taking your morning walk. This is how you are going to find what works for you!


One point I do want to make about combining Reiki and movement is that you want to use these with smooth movements to increase this vibrational energy. You do not want to do this with strenuous exercise programs or things like this as this will scatter your energy even more during the exercise. You want something that will complement your energy flow when you are tapping into this in your life. One that many people really enjoy doing is working with their Reiki and swimming as they say they feel like the whole pool is energized during their swim time.


To start with Reiki and movement healing you simply want to activate your Reiki before your activity and place a protection around your energy as well. Next center your energy at your solar plexus chakra before you begin and allow this to expand out naturally from here while you are enjoying your movement exercise. This will keep expanding during the whole session and the protection will keep this safe for a combined healing session while you are in movement for your energetic body!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with reiki and movement or distant reiki healing sessions and enjoy the new energy flow today!



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