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Soul Contract Has Been Completed - Find Out How

Posted by Nicole Lanning on April 26, 2013 at 10:20 AM

How can you tell when your soul contract has been completed? What things indicate this remarkable transition? Can you actually feel the shift?


We all have multiple contracts imprinted on our soul level. We agreed to take on these contracts that defining our life purpose, before birth. Every move might seem a calculated one, but the existence of soul contracts imply that we all have been set for a higher purpose in life.


How do you know when a soul level contact has been completed? Do you feel a big major change, a new vision, a new life goal? Do you suddenly feel like climbing of Mt. Everest or diving through the sky after teaching for a decade? That’s your clue, you’re changing between contracts.


Some people so conveniently brand this a mid-life crisis, but honestly it’s not that. The sudden shift has to be powerful, not a mere passing fancy of just wanting that well-deserved break. You feel that you spent the better of your life preparing and trainer for your chosen career and suddenly it doesn’t feel right anymore. The daydreams about what your new life may hold are a persistent itch. You spend time researching, planning, desiring. Don’t be afraid. You are transitioning to a new contract. The inertia in between is caused by an overlap between contracts, to help you prepare for your next one.


What happens to your previous soul contract? Your old contract is stored in your soul level memory and stays there until you choose to cleanse it, or until you complete all your soul level contracts.


Every transition can happen at any point in our lifetime, depending on our contracts. I hope you all have enjoyed and learned a bit more about soul level contracts! Work with your own soul contract healing work and make sure your own soul contract has been completed.



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