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Psychic Healing - Spirit Guides And Angels

Posted by Nicole Lanning on June 17, 2012 at 9:30 AM

Psychic healing with spirit guides and angels is something that many people are working on tapping into within their own life today. But the biggest stumbling block that I have found with clients is that they don't know where to start or how to tap into this work. They want to heal, they want the connection, but they see a million different roads in front of them and are not sure which one to take to get started.


When working with psychic healing in your life you have to understand it is all about finding your strong suit and enhancing this in your life. We are all good at one of the psychic areas to work on but it is a matter of knowing which one you are stronger in and focusing on this. I remember when I was younger and wanting to focus on one of my abilities that was not my strong suit. My guides kept telling me in what seemed like a million ways to focus on what I was already receiving, but I was being stubborn and wanting something else. This is what many people do today. They may be able to hear their guides but they want to be able to see visions instead. This was a big one for me. Once I got over this hurdle at a young age I was able to expand out my strong abilities and then even focus on the others so that they were all able to tune in and receive the much need information that was coming through.


To tap into the spiritual guides in your life you can make that connection through your own higher self and work with this in meditation. This is one big and easy way to get connected in for this work. Many people do not like to meditate and feel that they have to do this for hours. This is not so. You can start with something as simple as five minutes to get started with your meditation. Once you are successful with this you can then progress to ten minutes and so on for your own longer enhanced meditation time. The more you do and practice the better you will become and the stronger your connection will be.


To work with angels in your life you can also do this in meditation but you can also call upon them at anytime in your life that you need help or assistance in something. They are always there waiting for you to ask. Many times they will intervene when you are in harms way or in danger, but they also need you to open yourself up to them and their abilities so that they can help you on your own pathway. They can be anywhere and at any time for you to ask for their help, so don't be shy - just ask!


It is an easy process that can unfold in front of you if you take a step into the power that you have from within and reach out to their wonderful abilities, power, and knowledge that resides outside of our limited areas. It is up to you to go forward and see what you can do with the knowledge now!


Author: Nicole Lanning founder of Healing Art Forms an online distant healing center. Work with your own psychic healing spirit guides angels today!



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