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An Energetic Signature - Do I Have One?

Posted by Nicole Lanning on May 30, 2013 at 8:40 AM

Do I have an energetic signature? Let me explain a bit for you. I’ve often bandied around the term “energetic signature” in the past. But it is not a term I use lightly; because it’s very much an important concept, and an interesting one at that too. What is it really? What does it do for your energetic makeup? Do you have one?


To help you, I will let you run with your imagination. Pick up a clear glass of wine off the table, and place it back down after taking a sip. You’d have left your fingerprints on the glass, correct? Your fingerprints which identify you physically re  very much your own, unlike any other’s. This is the same case as with your energetic signature, which separates you from the other billions of people in this world on an energetic level.


We all are born with an energetic signature. While families have a base signature, every person’s vary from this base. Your own signature is firmly pressed into the fabric of your physical, emotional, and spiritual being.


Energetic signatures determine how our energy is flowing. They help us locate other people to scan, hold, imprint, among others, the important things most are concerned about. Your signature holds much of your energetic makeup together so strive to keep it high and vibrant! Don’t let it get buried from you to obscurity.


Once you get more adept at locating and working on your energetic signature you can move onto healing this in your own energy fields. It is a process that does take time to learn and use, but the benefits of this type of healing are tremendous! Work on your own self healing methods to raise your vibrational frequency for this area or healing or contact us at Healing Art Forms for working on your energy signature healing today!



Soul Contract Has Been Completed - Find Out How

Posted by Nicole Lanning on April 26, 2013 at 10:20 AM

How can you tell when your soul contract has been completed? What things indicate this remarkable transition? Can you actually feel the shift?


We all have multiple contracts imprinted on our soul level. We agreed to take on these contracts that defining our life purpose, before birth. Every move might seem a calculated one, but the existence of soul contracts imply that we all have been set for a higher purpose in life.


How do you know when a soul level contact has been completed? Do you feel a big major change, a new vision, a new life goal? Do you suddenly feel like climbing of Mt. Everest or diving through the sky after teaching for a decade? That’s your clue, you’re changing between contracts.


Some people so conveniently brand this a mid-life crisis, but honestly it’s not that. The sudden shift has to be powerful, not a mere passing fancy of just wanting that well-deserved break. You feel that you spent the better of your life preparing and trainer for your chosen career and suddenly it doesn’t feel right anymore. The daydreams about what your new life may hold are a persistent itch. You spend time researching, planning, desiring. Don’t be afraid. You are transitioning to a new contract. The inertia in between is caused by an overlap between contracts, to help you prepare for your next one.


What happens to your previous soul contract? Your old contract is stored in your soul level memory and stays there until you choose to cleanse it, or until you complete all your soul level contracts.


Every transition can happen at any point in our lifetime, depending on our contracts. I hope you all have enjoyed and learned a bit more about soul level contracts! Work with your own soul contract healing work and make sure your own soul contract has been completed.



Subconscious Mind Programming - How To

Posted by Nicole Lanning on March 28, 2013 at 11:10 AM

Subconscious mind programming for healing - is that even possible? The subconscious is a powerful force. So much programming from our entire life is stored there, and it’s up to us to create or hold back from these. But one thing’s certain: the use of our subconscious for healing can be well, mind-blowing effects-wise (pun perhaps intended).


How can we tap into it? There are many different ways to do it. It’s a matter of finding what you really want to accomplish and how you want to. There is no right or wrong pathway. It all depends on your individual healing needs.


You can start with positive affirmations. Many enjoy this on a daily basis, but it could take some work. It isn’t simply repeating over and again, which is pretty useless in the scheme of things. It is the desire, belief, and expectancy that backs your words that are going to change life.


You can also work with meditation as another tool to help with programming. This should be easy, avoid complicating it. It is a matter of slowing down, digging deep into a relaxation from within and finding that connection to your higher self. Some can do this for a few minutes while others can do this for hours. You have to practice to last long and stay strong in this type of work.


Tapping into your subconscious thoughts lets your clear away these old matrix programming issues. We have energetic levels on a physical and conscious platform, as well as on a subconscious platform. A variety of programming issues can be resolved here that can be tackled from a healing aspect.


In programming for healing or whatever purpose, stay true to yourself and find what works best for your own life! Reprogram those areas of your life today to be happier for the present and future time! Work with subsconscious mind programming or other alternative healing sessions to work on your healing pathway in life today!



Energy Healing For Spring Energy Shifts

Posted by Nicole Lanning on February 24, 2013 at 11:15 AM

Spring time is many people's favorite time of year. Winter is slowly fading away and the first touch of spring is in the air. You can smeel the freshness of the grass, flowers, trees blooming, birds chirping, and everything seems to be coming back to life after the long cold winter season. Spring is a wonderful time to tap into your own personal power for the energy shifts that this brings as well.


One fun way to work with this is to incorporate your grounding and centering work together with the energy of Mother Earth for a high vibrational session for your energy fields. Anyone can do this from the comfort of their own home as you are working with your own energy fields and tapping into this connection. You do not need any special training either as I will explain here in this blog posting what you can do for this session.


First you will want to ground your energy by focusing your intention on your feet chakras and having your energy "grow roots" into Mother Earth. Once you feel as if your feet have done this process you now want these roots to "pull" energy from Mother Earth as if it is allowing water to feed them as a plant would for its own nourishment needs. This will bring this energy up into your own energy fields.


Now once you can feel this energy rising you will want to now focus your intention on this energy and allow this to come to your solar plexus chakra point just below your navel. See this filling this energy center till it is completely full and then allow this to expand outward as a growing balloon. This will fill all of your energy centers for your chakra work and then this will expand out past these into your aura fields encompassing all main seven fields.


Once this has expanded far enough you can then ask that a protection be placed around this for you through your spirit guides or using your own intention work for this. Make sure to give thanks for this process and allow the healing to integrate within your energy fields over the next 24 hours!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with energy healing for spring energy shifts or an energy boost healing with Ms. Lanning today!

Psychic Healing For Your Love Life

Posted by Nicole Lanning on January 31, 2013 at 10:00 AM

There are many different processes you can work through for psychic healing for your love life. I will go into a few of them here for you in this blog posting so you can work on your own love issues today. To work on them you have to understand where these issues can reside within your energy fields. Let's take a look at them here so you can understand where you need to provide the healing work.


For your healing sessions for love issues one of the main areas that these can reside in is the love meter area of your energy fields. This is a meter, if you can imagine a parking meter on the street, your love meter functions in a similar manner. You have to put love into your self love energy patterns to receive love back. You can also clear any issues and blockages from the love meter by a simple clearing and resetting of this on your energy patterns.


Another area for your healing of your love life can reside within the soulmate patterns that your energy fields are holding onto. For this your soulmate patterns match up with your soulmate that your energy fields have been separated from with this incarnation of this lifetime. The conjoining pattern is out in the world right now, just as you are, looking for its match, and you two are just not meeting up at the current moment. Maybe you or he/she has a blockage in this area. Maybe one of you is dealing with an energy drain in this area and the patterns are not complete and functioning at a high level to draw each other near.


You can always work on healing and correcting these issues in your life, as it is a matter of knowing where they are, what they are for, and how to access and heal them. The first step is to understand what is going on so you can then progress forward with your healing process so you can have that unconditional love llife you have always wanted and desired from within!


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with psychic healing for your love life and soulmate blessing sessions for your love life today!



Psychic Healing For The New Year

Posted by Nicole Lanning on December 31, 2012 at 9:30 AM

Psychic healing for the new year is something that many people are looking into to help them with their new years resolutions. The new year is all about change, letting go of the old and the past and getting a new fresh start. This allows our energy fields to bounce back and get us refocused on those goals that seemed to have slipped away from the front of our mind.


We all have new years resolutions we want to work on from physical issues, emotional problems, mental concerns, spiritual disconnections, or energetic disturbances within our energy bodies. Psychic healing can help with all of these areas as it all depends on what you want to work on and finding that right pathway for your energy fields that resonate best with you.


When you work with psychic healing methods make sure you connect in with a positive source energy from the Universal Source and place protections around your energy fields before you work on your healing methods. This is the most important step that many people forget to do when working with psychic healing. You can also trailor your methods to the areas in your life you need to focus on.


Don't let another year slip by without investing time back into yourself. This is the optimal time for change for everyone with the latest energy shifts back in December of 2012 as our energy fields have never been at such a high vibrational rate. Take this time today to work on changing those issues in your life that you have been putting off for far to long.


Author: Nicole Lanning, founder of Healing Art Forms and author of Practical Crystal Healing series books. Working with psychic healing for the new year and energetic body flushing sessions to see the change in your life!



Psychic Healing Tips For The Holidays

Posted by Nicole Lanning on November 28, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Psychic healing tips for the holidays will be listed here below for you all to enjoy. There are many that you can tap into for your healing of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels - plus your energetic fields. I have listed a few of the more popular ones for you to try. These will help bring in more relaxation, happiness, and enjoyment for your holiday season.


1. Work with energy healing to de-stress your holiday season. A simple and easy way is to work on self healings for this. You can even have this running all day long if you wish. Many people feel better during and right after their self healing but soon lose that feeling within hours of being surrounded by their family during get to gethers. Start your energy and program this to stay on as long as you need. You can do this with your intention. Remember to place a protection around this as well to keep this high and vibrant.


2. Use crystal healing to keep your energies balance during this holiday season. Carry a Snowflake Obsidian, Jade, and Carnelian in your pocket. Cleanse and program them every 7 days. If you are going to be in a family gathering, cleanse them before you leave to attend this gathering.


3. Place crystals in your home as a crystal grid to balance out your energies when you are frustrated and overwhelmed. Use a combination of Smokey Quartz, Carnelian, Emerald, Clear Quartz, and Angelite. Sit and relax in this grid formation and just allow the healing energies to settle in and resonate within your own energetic fields.

4. Smudge your home before you have a holiday get-together and afterwards. This will keep the energies clear, balanced, and flowing in a positive manner. Remember to make sure to give this a few hours before you are planning on having people over as the sage can be a bit over powering if you are in a cold climate with closed doors and windows! So keep this in mind before your guests come over!

Author: Nicole Lanning, Psychic Intuitive Author and founder of Healing Art Forms. Work with psychic healing tips for the holidays to keep your stress down and your energy in a positive flowing manner!



Psychic Healing With Halloween Energy

Posted by Nicole Lanning on October 30, 2012 at 10:40 AM

Psychic healing with Halloween energy is something that many people are now wanting to tap into for their own healing sessions. With this type of work you can work on healing the bridge between you and the spirit realm as well as many other issues within your energy fields. How do you go about doing this? Let me explain a bit for you in this blog posting so you can get started.


When you work with psychic healing methods and tapping into an energy from any current energetic power day you have to first be able to tap into these energies. There is no right or wrong way to go about doing this as it is about finding out what works for you to tap into your own power and connect in on an energetic level for the grid plane of the day as well as a planetary grid plane. Once you connect in with these two levels, half of the work is already done!


Once this has been completed you then want to work on healing the communication link between you and the spiritual realm before you work on any other issues for this. This is when you will work with your psychic healing techniques. Depending on what is going on with you link, you may have to rebuild this, clear this, free this from an debris, heal broken areas, and so on. Each person's issues are going to be different based on what is going on within their energy fields for this work, so make sure you use the appropriate psychic healing method for this.


After this area has been healed or repaired you are now ready to go! Make sure you place an energetic filter on both connection areas for your communication link and then allow the energy to come through like a flood gate. This can be quite a bit at first but this is how you want to have the energy work through instead of a trickeling manner. It is best to bring this all in at once and allow your energy fields to balance this out. If this comes through in a slow manner double check all of the connections and make sure there are no blockages anywhere.


Remember when you are not connected in and using this communication link to place an extra protection around this and respect the energies that are coming through. Keep the flow as high as possible for the work and enjoy the new communication you will be receiving.


Author: Nicole Lanning, found of Healing Art Forms, an online distant healing center. Work with the psychic healing with halloween energy exercise listed above for a stronger communication link with the spiritual realm today.



Psychic Healing For Your Aura

Posted by Nicole Lanning on October 1, 2012 at 10:35 AM

Psychic healing for your aura is something that many people are working on for their own healing needs and tapping into their own psychic healing intuition for this work. When working on psychic healing methods for your aura you want to work with some of the basics to get you started. Let me give you some examples today in this blog posting.


When working with psychic healing methods, the first thing you have to do is know what your strong suit is for your healing needs. This is different from person to person for their healing, as some have stronger areas of their own psychic healing methods than others. That does not make one better or worse than another, but rather this allows us to be individuals for our healing. You may have a stronger sense of feeling when working with your healing while others have a stronger visual ability. It is about owning what works for you.


From there you can then find what you want to work on. For this example, however, we will be discussing working on psychic healing your aura. When working on your aura you have to understand that you have seven main layers that comprise these energy filds. Each one is correspondant to a different area of your energy body and each one responds to this for your healing needs. Just because one layer may have stagnant energy does not mean all of them will as you have to see which ones need the attention and work and how this correponds to your daily life as to how these came about in the first place.


Working on aura healing is something everyone should do in their life to keep their energy fields high and vibrant. This will then work its way down to your physical body layers and the energy will integrate fully for your healing needs. The results, depending on the work that you did and the areas you worked on can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to integrate and be seen in your physical daily lifestyle.


Author: Nicole Lanning founder of Healing Art Forms, an online healing center. Work on psychic healing for your aura needs today!

Psychic Healing - Spirit Guides And Angels

Posted by Nicole Lanning on June 17, 2012 at 9:30 AM

Psychic healing with spirit guides and angels is something that many people are working on tapping into within their own life today. But the biggest stumbling block that I have found with clients is that they don't know where to start or how to tap into this work. They want to heal, they want the connection, but they see a million different roads in front of them and are not sure which one to take to get started.


When working with psychic healing in your life you have to understand it is all about finding your strong suit and enhancing this in your life. We are all good at one of the psychic areas to work on but it is a matter of knowing which one you are stronger in and focusing on this. I remember when I was younger and wanting to focus on one of my abilities that was not my strong suit. My guides kept telling me in what seemed like a million ways to focus on what I was already receiving, but I was being stubborn and wanting something else. This is what many people do today. They may be able to hear their guides but they want to be able to see visions instead. This was a big one for me. Once I got over this hurdle at a young age I was able to expand out my strong abilities and then even focus on the others so that they were all able to tune in and receive the much need information that was coming through.


To tap into the spiritual guides in your life you can make that connection through your own higher self and work with this in meditation. This is one big and easy way to get connected in for this work. Many people do not like to meditate and feel that they have to do this for hours. This is not so. You can start with something as simple as five minutes to get started with your meditation. Once you are successful with this you can then progress to ten minutes and so on for your own longer enhanced meditation time. The more you do and practice the better you will become and the stronger your connection will be.


To work with angels in your life you can also do this in meditation but you can also call upon them at anytime in your life that you need help or assistance in something. They are always there waiting for you to ask. Many times they will intervene when you are in harms way or in danger, but they also need you to open yourself up to them and their abilities so that they can help you on your own pathway. They can be anywhere and at any time for you to ask for their help, so don't be shy - just ask!


It is an easy process that can unfold in front of you if you take a step into the power that you have from within and reach out to their wonderful abilities, power, and knowledge that resides outside of our limited areas. It is up to you to go forward and see what you can do with the knowledge now!


Author: Nicole Lanning founder of Healing Art Forms an online distant healing center. Work with your own psychic healing spirit guides angels today!