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Psychic Healing Protection And Development

Posted by Nicole Lanning on April 26, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Psychic healing development and protection can be done in many different ways. But many people want to have a tool to work with for this in their life as they feel that this strengthens the work that they are doing by incorporating an additional healing property for this. I have a few additional tools you can work with for this for your own psychic healing development and protection.


Let me first start by saying with you are working with both of these areas in your life you want to work and tap into your higher self and spiritual guides first for this to have the strongest vibrational pull that you can have access to. Some people do this in a trance like state, others in meditation, others in prayer, and still others by working in their alpha state. There is no right or wrong way to go about doing this, as it is about tapping into your own energy and power.


Once you have done this, it is then a matter of working with your own vibrational fields for what you want to work on. Some people choose to work on protection first and others prefer to work on development purposes first. Again, there is no right or wrong, but rather following your own spiritual pathway for this. With that being said, it is important to work on both areas, so I suggest working on them toegther. When you work on them together they both can benefit from the others advancement and the power can gain much mroe quickly this way.


Here are some additional tools you can use to help with these areas of your life. Many people have asked and sent in emails wanting to know what types of crystals I favor for these areas of protection and develpment in their life. These are also listed in my Practical Crystal Healing books, along with many other useful crystal healing tips. Just remember to cleanse and program the crystals before you use them for these areas.


PSYCHIC ATTACK- To prevent and ward off psychic attacks, carry or wear Aqua Aura. Use this in combination with protection crystals as well!



PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT- Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz crystals are a very eff ective combination for enhancing psychic development. Lie down on your back, and place the Lapis Lazuli over your throat chakra, the Amethyst over your third eye chakra and the Clear Quartz above your crown chakra. Focus your intentions and meditate as well during this time period. You can also carry or wear these combinations of crystals around to bring their abilities into your aura fi elds constantly. Surrounded yourself with alternating crystals in a circle during conventional meditation sessions are also a big plus!


Author: Nicole Lanning - founder of Healing Art Forms an online distant healing center and author of Practical Crystal Healing series tips books. Psychic healing for development and protection can be fun and easy to work with today, so get started!

Faith Healing Vs Divine Healing

Posted by Nicole Lanning on April 10, 2012 at 10:40 AM

Faith healing vs divine healing is something that many people have asked about the differences in these two within the spiritual healing realm. I personally love to work with these areas and have a lot to explain, but can only type so much in a blog posting, so I will get into the basics for you here, but if you want to know, feel free to contact us about more information.


When you work with faith healing in your life, faith healing is all about understanding having a belief in what you are working with and on in your life. This is about having the control from within and allowing yourself to give this control to something other than yourself, and this is generally dealing with a higher power that is involved. When you are working on faith healing some people have given this area some issues of conflict as they really didn't understand what it was all about.


You have to work with faith healing in a way where you turn the issue over to a higher power but you also have to take steps on your own to show that you want to work on healing this area of your life. You cannot believe in faith healing for an issues such as lung cancer and turn this over to a higher power to heal and have faith in the work, but then continue to smoke every day. You are making no effort in your life to show that you truly want this to change. It is not just about believing but taking that extra effort on your part to show that you really want this in your life.


Now working with divine healing is a bit different. Some people say they are the same, but when you understand what divine healing is you can see the difference. They do have similiar areas in common but are on a different level all together. Divine healing is about having a divine intervention in your life. Doesn't faith healing have this divine intervention? Yes it does to a certain aspect, but divine healing is strictly a divine intervention for your healing needs. This is when the higher power intervenes for a higher purpose without you asking, calling, or even suggesting that this be done.


Good examples of divine healing are when someone has been "saved" in a manner of speaking. This could be for many reasons - maybe a car accident, maybe a brush with death, maybe something such as a healing in a way that no one could think was possible, and so on. Divine healing happens in so many areas of our lives that we sometimes over look the smaller areas of how the divine can influence many areas of our life. This is when your healing is completely out of your hands and the divine connects in and places you back on your path for your highest good.


Working with divine healing and faith healing in your life is something truly special for both areas, and should be appreciated in all forms that is occurs in your life!


Author: Nicole Lanning- founder of Healing Art Forms online distant healing center explaining faith healing vs divine healing work for you and offering healing sessions around the world.



Psychic Surgery Healing

Posted by Nicole Lanning on March 23, 2012 at 8:35 AM

Psychic surgery healing is something that many people are curious about working with, but they are not really sure what this all entails for the healing to be completed. Let me explain a bit about this for you here today so you can understand what is all involved as well as knowing what you want from a healing session.


When you work with a psychic healer, they generally (depending on the healer and the way they do their healing sessions) work with something called psychic surgery. The word surgery generally scares people as they are not quite sure how this is performed. It is similar to working with the term on a physical level, so if you can imagine the problem on an energetic or spiritual plane this is the same type of effect.


For example, if you were going to have knee surgery you would go to a specialist for this area, have the consultation, have xrays done, schedule in the surgery, and go through the recovery time, correct? Now let's put that on an energetic and spiritual level for psychic surgery. The specialist is the psychic healer, the consultation is your consultation with them, the xrays are scans done on an energetic and psychic level, the scheduling is for your psychic healing session, and the recovery time is the integration of the healing work completed.


What can be done with psychic surgery healing? Everything from physical issues, emotional problems, mental strife, spiritual issues, and even energetic problems. There is no limit to what you can work on for psychic surgery, but rather you have to speak with the psychic healer and find out what areas they work on for their own practice. Just as a specialist has certain areas they mainly focus on, so do healers, so it is about finding the appropriate healer and one that resonates within your own energy fields for the best fit for your psychic surgery healing session.


Author: Nicole Lanning - founder of Healing Art Forms and Holistic Healing Minute. Contact her today for a psychic surgery healing session today!

Famous Psychic Healers - Can They Cure Anything?

Posted by Nicole Lanning on March 7, 2012 at 9:40 AM

When you say the words famouse psychic healers, what comes into your mind? Some people would say it is the traveling spiritual preacher who claims they can heal with the touch of their hand, others think of crystal balls and rooms filled with incense, and others still have no idea of what they can think of as they aren't really quite sure what psychic healing is.



When working with psychic healing, it is all about working with the abilities that the psychic has and how this can help you with the issues you are dealing with in your life. Can psychic healing cure anything? Honestly, this all depends on the healer, what their abilities are, and what you want to have worked on. Anything is a very broad term, but let me break this down for you so you can understand what it is all about.



When working with psychic healing, all psychics have their own way and abilities that they work with. They tap into the person for their healing in their own way, so when working with a psychic healer, just ask them how they connect with you for your healing process. But when you are working on healing issues in your life, it is all about understanding the patterns, seeing how they fit together, and how to repair the issues so that they can be cleansed, repaired, and corrected.



Once this has been done it is all about the integration portion now. The work has to have time to fully absorb within your energy fields. We are all constant living breathing energy beings, so this can take time depending on what type of healing you are having done, but this is probably the second most important step when working with healing sessions is allowing the energy to fully integrate to see the changes in your life.

Psychic healing can literally work on anything, but you have to allow this to transpire within the physical world. If you have problems that took years to manifest within your life, they can be removed within a session yes, but the itnegration takes longer as well as this to show up in your life.


It is a process as this is something we have to understand. It is not the traveling spiritual healer when he places his/her hand on your head and the person falls back and then moments later they can stand for the first time in 10 years. That is a side show act and should not be confused with true psychic healing gifts and abilities that are available for your healing process.


Author: Nicole Lanning - founder of Healing Art Forms online distant healing center offering famous psychic healers sessions to clients around the world today!

Psychic Healing As An Alternative Medicine

Posted by Nicole Lanning on February 17, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Psychic healing as alternative medicine is something that can help with many different areas of your life. Psychic healing is all about working on different areas of your energetic fields to help work problems that you are facing in your life. These could be physical issues, emotional concerns, mental issues, or spiritual connections. Psychic healing is not something new, as this alternative medicine has been around for thousands of years.



When you are working with psychic healing in your life, you want to first understand what you really want to accomplish for your healing session. It may be very clear to you or it may be a bit fuzzy, but when working with a psychic healer, you want to be able to give them a very clear cut image of what you are dealing with so that they know what they have to look for and work on for this alternative medicine area with their own energetic abilities.




There are also some things you can do to work on these issues in your life to help complement the psychic healers work, as it all depends on the psychic healer you are working with. The best advice I can give you when working with a psychic healer for alternative medicine is to ask questions. Find out how they make their connections for your healing sessions, ask how long the sessions will be, if they have completed them before, read their testimonials, check into others who have had sessions with them, an do your research. Once you have choosen your healer, then ask them what you can do on your end to help boost the work and results that you will see and how to maintain them in your life.



A good psychic healer who works with alternative methods for healing will be able to explain all of the above for you and will be able to give you some additional tools that you can enhance your life with on your own. If they say there is nothing you need to do on your end, this would be something to shy away from, as psychic healers can do the alternative healing methods, but it is up to you to maintain the work that has been done and allow the healing to fully integrate within your energy fields. They are providing the service, but it is ultimately up to you and your energy fields in the end to maintain this work. You would not buy a new car and then not maintain it, would you? And if you did not maintain it, what would happen? Eventually it would break down and you would have to start the process all over again. This is how it is with alternative healing medicine, so remember to take an active part in your healing process.



Author: Nicole Lanning founder of Healing Art Forms an online distant healing center offering psychic healing alternative medicine sessions and a variety of over 100 different sessions to help with your healing today!



Psychic Healing For Beginners

Posted by Nicole Lanning on February 5, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Psychic healing for beginners is something of a topic that I have been asked to speak on many different times within seminars and workshops as this is something many people want to learn how to do. So here I am giving a quick posting on some of the basics I cover during these speaking engagements for all to read here online and learn! So let's get started.



First you have to understand that psychic healing for beginners is all about understand how to incorporate your own healing abilities in with your own psychic abilities. It really is as simple as this. Everyone is going to find a new pathway for this because we are all at different stages in our healing and psychic abilities and development, so understand this first and foremost, as you cannot compare yourself to others in this field, as it is about your own developmental pathway.



You have to find what is right for you for your healing first. What types of healing do you like to work with? Energy healing? Reiki healing? Vibrational healing? Sound healing? Crystal healing? The list goes on and on. The first thing you have to do is find what works for you. What does this have to do with psychic healing? We are getting to that part, but do understand you have to find what resonates within your energy fields so you can work with the highest form of healing possible that works for you.



Now we work on the psychic abilities portion. The same thing is true for this too. What type of psychic ability do you have? What is your strong suit? How can you enhance this more? You will want to work with your own natural abilities and not force something that you are struggling with developing. Work with what comes naturally!



Now the fun part, you get to combine them! It is a matter of using your own natural psychic healing abilities and combining them with your own natural healing abilities to get started with psychic healing for beginners. It really is easy and fun to do. The hardest part of this spiritual development in your life is to make sure you do not overcomplicate it or try to force anything. You have all of the abilities within you, you just have to trust, have faith, and work with them!



Author: Nicole Lanning - Psychic Healing Intuitive, Author, and founder of Healing Art Forms online distant healing center! Check out her new Practical Crystal Healing books, Healing U book, Healing Art Forms, and Holistic Healing Minute free training program.



Psychic Healing Powers

Posted by Nicole Lanning on January 23, 2012 at 6:55 PM

Psychic healing powers is something I have been asked to comment on from many people. See the interesting thing about psychic healing powers is when people say these words sometimes their minds can run away with them as the word powers is a bit different for each and every person. Psychic healing powers is a matter of using psychic healing methods to best of ones abilities to help others in the world.


I know you are probably thinking, there has to be more to it than that Nicole, but honestly there isn't. Psychic healing is something that some are born with and some are not. Can you learn psychic healing? Sure you can with enough training and practice anyone can enhance their own intuitive skills and learn to incorporate a healing session with this. Is this something anyone can do? No, and the reason I say this is because it takes, again, time, training, and practice. Most will give up if they don't see instant results right away.


But see with this, the thing is, you have to invest in yourself and your own developmental process. You did not create all of those blockages within your own psychic energetic levels overnight, so why would it be so impossible to believe that you will instantly be able to break through them and know all there is about everything in one night as well. Psychics and psychic healers do not know everything there is to know about everything. One big misconception is that they are instantly tapped into every single person at every single moment and they are not.


Psychic healers have to keep their energy very strong, very vibrant, and very protected. I don't think I can stress that one enough to many people. This means that they are not tapped into anyone for any given reason. Many people will email, call, or ask if I know this or that about what is going on with them or for their healing but this is not how it works. I, myself, being a psychic healer am not tapped into everyone who asks, as this is not healthy on my own energy levels.


Psychic healing powers are something that you can learn to use and can train and practice to develop your own abilities in them. It takes time, so don't get frustrated with the process, but rather learn to trust in yourself. And if you don't have the time or choose not to train for this, that is ok, but understand how the process works and be respectful of the psychic healers you do ask for help as they can help you in many areas of your own life.


Author: Nicole Lanning - psychic intutive healer and founder of Healing Art Forms online distant healing center offering over 100 different healing sessions working with psychic healing, reiki healing, spiritual healing, and energy healing formats.



Psychic Healer Online/Internet

Posted by Nicole Lanning on January 9, 2012 at 6:45 PM

Being a psychic healer is something that many people really enjoy in their life. I work on many different levels from reiki and energy healing to spiritual, psychic, crystal and other healing modailities. This is something that is part of my own life path and many have asked me to share a bit of glimpse into my life and how I work, how I do things, and where I may go from here.


See the thing about being a healer is that this truly is something that you are either called to be or your not. This, for me, was something that clicked in a major way in my life. I tried many different avenues to help people over many years, but when I came across healing aspects things really just took off from there. I love helping people in general, as this is another part of my pathway, but healing is the major part of this. I can help people change things in their life that they do not normally how to tackle. They have gone through other types of natural ways to work on their life or may be they just wanted to take an alternative approach, and honestly it doesn't make a difference how they come across healing, as I am here to help as much as I can.


How do I go about my healing process? Mine is a bit of a different story as you can normally hear how people got into reiki with this or that way or method and how it popped up into their lifetime at just the right time. See, with my lifepath, this has always been a calling of mine. I have had this passion to help others since I was a child. I had a parental figure in my life always tell me "Nicole, you cannot save them all." or "Your not Mother Teresa." well they were right, I can't save them all and I am not Mother Teresa - but I can help as many people as I possibly can and it all starts by working with one person at a time and this can make a difference.


My healing is a bit different than others as mine is a unique blend of healing modailities, psychic healing process, combined with years of knowledge, an energetic connection unique in its own that I have developed and stregnthen that has not bee shared to the public yet all combined with a passion for helping others. I know this doesn't share every single bit of what I do and how I do it, but that would take a weekend seminar just for me to explain all of that to you, and them months and months more of training.


Living the life of a healer is something I personally enjoy as it is my lifepath and it allows me to help others help themselves in ways that they never knew that they could! That is what healing is all about!

Author: Nicole Lanning - founder of Healing Art Forms online healing center offering psychic healing, reiki healing, spiritual healing, and energy healing sessions distantly to clients around the world.



Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Posted by Nicole Lanning on December 24, 2011 at 9:20 AM

Merry Christmas Everyone


Happy New Year

Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.  ~Author unknown, attributed to a 7-year-old named Bobby

Developing Your Healing Side

Posted by Nicole Lanning on December 16, 2011 at 9:40 AM

Many people have asked me to teach them what I can do. Working with healing is something that some people can learn depending on their level of development and what they want to learn. The biggest thing that many people want to know is how I tap into energies, how I work with them, how to combine them, and pretty much many other things that I do.


Working with healing, depending on what type of healing you are interested in, is all based on how you want to do it, what works best for you, what resonates within your energy fields, how you can tap into this, your own spiritual connections, and your drive to get this going. Healing is not all clear cut and dry as there are multiple layers upon layers of work going on in the world for you to heal.


Many practitioners can learn an energy healing or Reiki healing format and they are so excited they want to get started with healing. I admire their drive in this, but there is so much more that goes into it than that. I have seen many people do this and then after a few months they have lost their ambition for this anymore. Healing is not something that can be learned this quickly. Sure you can learn an energy or reiki healing format but that does not create an instant healer. This creates a person who is attuned to a healing energy form and they now have this connection from within. It takes time, practice, learning, and hands on expereince to develop.


When you have learned  a type of healing form, now comes in the real work for this, as it is always best to start practicing this work on yourself. You need to be able to see how this works on your own energy so you can see what it can do. Then you have to find where your talents reside, what resonates within you, what other types of healing formats you can combine with them, and how you want to develop this work.


I have been doing a variety of different healing formats for what seems like almost my entire lifetime. It is finding how to work within your own abilities, what you can combine that works with other methods. You have to put in the time, energy, practice, and really enjoy what you are doing. I firmly believe that I can change the world through the power of healing one person at a time!


Author: Nicole Lanning - Founder of Healing Art Forms online distant healing center offering spiritual healing, psychic healing, reiki healing, energy healing, crystal healing, and other healing methods to clients around the world!