Nicole Lanning

Professional Healer, Psychic & Author

Nicole Lanning was born with unique abilities to help others grow and learn! She has, what many people call, be born a natural empath. Her down-to-earth approach to people, their lives, issues, and her willingness to help as earned her a vast and loyal following around the world. Nicole works with Reiki and a variety of other energy formats to help others on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic levels. Her own connection with the Divine as strengthened over time and is as strong as ever today, as this is her connection she works with to help others. Many people call this a connection to God, however others also believe in Allah, the Universe, etc. Whatever your belief and purpose here is on this Earth, Nicole can help if you need assistance. She understands and supports others alike and knows the true meaning of this Divine Connection.

Nicole always knew she was different growing up and having this passion to help. She has transformed her own life into a positive, uplifting and open successful God loving entrepreneur. She has developed her own abilities over the years, listened to her own intuition as well as messages from the Divine to where she is today. Nicole is the founder of Healing Art Forms. Nicole has been accredited through the International Natural Healers Association and the World Metaphysical Association. She is also a Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Energy Healer, Reiki Master Teacher and author of the Practical Crystal Healing Series Books, Healing U and Healing 101. Nicole Lanning is currently retired.

Nicole founded this in 2000 to help others grow and learn through the use of energy formats and healing work. Today Healing Art Forms helps thousands of people every year resolve issues in their life from physical ailments, mental strife, emotional imbalance, spiritual disconnection and energetic issues as well. Healing Art Forms offers energy scans for those who do not know where to start, individual sessions for those who want to get started on smaller areas and customized sessions for those who want to work on larger issues.

Nicole's Books:
You can find all of Nicole's books on Amazon in paperback or Kindle format. You can also find the Healing U and Healing 101 ebook version free on the Healing Art Forms website.

Practical Crystal Healing: 555 Tips and Techniques
Practical Crystal Healing: 555 Tips and Techniques For Animal Companions
Practical Crystal Healing: 555 Tips and Techniques For Teenagers
Healing U
Healing 101

You can reach support at Healing Art Forms via email at or via phone at (352) 573-6886. Please do note that for phone consultations there is a fee involved and paid for in advance.