Nicole Lanning

Professional Healer, Psychic & Author

Holistic Healing Minute

Holistic Healing Minute is about changing your lifestyle approach and giving you the key tools to help you take control of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual desires! Holistic, or “wholistic”, healing addresses all parts of the individual, not just the physical aspect or the symptoms that have arisen.


All areas of the life must be addressed for holistic healing to be effective. It is about tapping into the physical issues, along with emotional concerns, mental aspects, and our spiritual connection too. This is a journey of discovery for living better, healthier, happier, successful, and striving for wholeness. An alternative way of treating our spiritual pathway in our physical format!

Holistic Healing Minute offers valuable information in an easy to learn video format. Daily video clips with Nicole Lanning’s priceless information at your fingertips! 


You can change your life now with just a few minutes a day! Videos and exercises start from the very beginning, so no prior training is required.


This program is here to help everyone on his or her new holistic healing pathway in life. Come join Lanning, expert psychic healer, and change your life today! For more information contact them directly at